Director of UD Group
Director of the Hotel Complexes Department
Director of the Malls Department
Director of the Construction Department
Director of Development
Vitaly Kolegov Director of UD Group

Since 2006 he has worked in consulting, financial organizations and hedge funds of the Russian and international level where he dealt with the issues of development of business and the strategy of the company, and asset value estimation. Besides he implemented transformation projects in government authorities both at the regional and federal levels. As a Deputy Director of UD Group he has implemented new business lines, optimized business processes, improving key financial and operational indicators of the company. He graduated from the National Research University — Higher School of Economics. He has been a member of the CFA International Association since 2011. Ph.D. in Economics. He holds a degree of MBA, IESE Business School, 2017.  Fluent in English.

«Today it is not enough just to build square meters in a successful location and rent them. It is important to know your customers, hear and understand their preferences, be flexible and change with them. Only this way we can implement successful development projects where the customer comes again and again, and the investor gains maximum return for the invested capital»

Hadzhimurat Gazaliyev Director of the Hotel Complexes Department

He is the ideologist of the development of hotel real estate as a part of UD Group projects. He heads the corporate management of current hotel complexes of the company.

«If we want to develop business, we have to develop ourselves. Success is impossible without it. Only by moving a step forward from competitors you can set trends rather than follow them. «

Valentina Sakhabeeva Director of the Malls Department

Experience in commercial real estate: 15 years (in UD Group since 2014). 2 completed construction projects and opening of malls (Tandem shopping mall — 67,000 sq.m., GorkiPark shopping mall — 38,000 sq.m., Kazan). Development of Х5 Retail Group retail chain in the regions: Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Udmurtia, Mariy El (opening 264 shops). Successful experience of managing the integration of two retail chains (acquisition of the chains of self-service department stores Paterson and the chain of shops Narodnyy).

“Continuous development of commercial real estate changes the appearance of cities and the life of citizens. The key needs of people for quality shopping, entertainment and bright events are realized in shopping mall. When implementing projects, we closely monitor the changing needs of our customers and respond to them in time».

Vladimir Rib Director of the Construction Department

He developed grocery chains of X5 Retail Group, participated in the construction of Megastroy and Agava hypermarkets. As a part of UD Group, he managed the reconstruction of the business center Ostrovskiy. At the moment he is leading the preconstruction of new largest projects of the company – a shopping mall on Pavlyukhina St. and a business center on Hadi Taktash St.

«Hard work and professionalism allow to build high-quality properties meeting the timeline. But only true love to your work, passion for what you are doing give you an opportunity to create industry-leading projects.»

Mugad Salikhov Director of Development

Certified Real Estate Manager (CPM), a candidate for a CCIM degree from the Commercial Real Estate Investment Institute. He has a vast experience in real estate management. He has developed and actively implements investment projects that allow to increase quality volume of the project portfolio of the company. Since 2014 — Director of Development of UD Group.

“An important factor of the daily development of companies is a high customer focus and a striving of each employee to create a desirable and useful product in the market of development and management of commercial real estate. We strive to ensure that the ideas and intentions embodied in our projects bring maximum income to investors, and the high speed of business development to the tenants of our properties. Expanding the capabilities of our customers, creating modern development projects, we create a solid foundation for a stable growth and strengthening of leading positions in the commercial real estate market.”