Director Ud Group
Head of Hotel Complex Department
Head of Shopping Centers Department
Head of Business Centers and Street Retail Department
Head of Construction Department
Vitaly Kolegov Director Ud Group

Since 2006, he has worked in consulting, financial institutions and hedge funds of Russian and international level, where he was engaged in business development, strategy development and asset valuation. In addition, he introduced projects of transformations in public authorities both at the regional and Federal levels. As Deputy Director of UD Group, he introduced new activities, optimized business processes, increasing key financial and operational indicators of the company. Graduated from national research UNIVERSITY — Higher School of Economics. Member of the international Association CFA since 2011, Candidate of economic Sciences. Holds an MBA degree from IESE Business School, 2017. He is fluent in English.

«Today it is not enough just to build square meters in a good location and rent them out. It is important to know your customers, hear and understand their preferences, be flexible and change with them. Only in this way we can implement successful development projects, where the client comes again and again, and the investor receives the maximum return on investment»

Khadgimurat Gazaliev Head of Hotel Complex Department

Mr. Gazaliev is an ideologist of the development of hotel property line within UD Group projects. He runs total management of the existing hotel complexes belonging to the company.
«If we want to develop our business, we have to develop ourselves. Otherwise we can’t gain success. Only being a step ahead of the competitors you needn’t follow the trends, you can set them yourself .»

Valentina Sakhabeeva Head of Shopping Centers Department

Work experience in commercial property: 13 years ( joined UD Group in 2014)
2 completed construction projects and opening of shopping centers (SLC “Tandem” — 67 000sq.m, SC “Gorky Park” — 38 000 sq.m, the city of Kazan)
Spread of retail price of Х5 Retail Group over the regions: Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Udmurtia, Mari El (264 shops are opened). Rewarding experience of administration in integrity of two retail chains ( purchase of supermarket chain “Paterson” and shop chain “Narodny”).
«Continuous development of commercial property transforms the city image and changes the life style of its citizens. People can materialize their key needs, such as shopping, entertainment and dramatic events definitely in shopping and leisure centers. While implementation of our projects we keep a watchful eye on changes in needs of our customers and react on them swiftly.»

Mugad Salikhov Head of Business Centers and Street Retail Department

Mr. Salikhov is a Certified Property Manager (CPM), owns a Degree of CCIM of the Commercial Investment Institute. He has vast experience in property administration. Mr. Salikhov has developed and now implements extensively various investment projects, which allow to increase proficient capacity of project portfolio of the company. He has been working for UD Group as a Head of Business Centers and Street Retail Department from 2014. 
«Strong customer-oriented approach is a key factor of day to day evolution of the company, and the same is about aspiration of each employee to make a desirable and useful item in the development market and administration of commercial real estate. We are eager to make the ideas and intentions implemented in our projects profitable for the investors and want the tenants of our property to gain high-speed extension in business. With increasing of the range of possibilities for our customers, with making new developer’s projects, we build up strong basis for stable growth and tightening up of leadership in the market of commercial real estate.»

Vladimir Reeb Head of Construction Department

Mr. Reeb was busy with the development of food retail chain X5 Retail Group, took part in construction of hypermarkets “Megastroy”, “Agava”. Within UD Group managed the modification of business center “Ostrovsky”. At the moment he is in charge with preparatory stage of the construction of up-to-date largest company projects – SLC in Pavlukhina Street and business center in Khadi Taktash Street.
«Hard-working nature and competence let us erect high-grade facilities on term. But only real affection to your job, desire for what you do give you possibility to develop the leading projects in this very branch of industry.»